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Adding Text And Logos and Pattern Montage.pdf

A guide of how to montage a pattern using Windows Paint. Montage include making changes to pattern stitches and adding text or a logo.

Using Pattern For Carpet Weaving.pdf

A guide of how to use a pattern for carpet weaving. The same guide apply for rugs weaving on canvas and embroidery on canvas and fabrics and loom tapestry.
The guide applies for all patterns including free.

Using Atlas For Patterns Print.pdf

A guide of how to use pattern printing and viewing free to download software Atlas. Atlas allow to scale printing of pattern on canvas with dots for fabrics also for scaled print on paper. Atlas also allow mirror print on transfer paper to scale.

Using Bell For Artworks Print.pdf

A guide of how to use artwork printing and viewing software Bell. Bell allow to scale printing of artwork on canvas with dots for fabrics also for scaled print on paper. Bell also allow mirror print on transfer paper to scale. Bell can be used by weaver directly with no need to a pattern purchase suitable for user text and logos artwork print.

A free to download and use software for patterns viewing and printing on canvas and fabric also on paper to scale.

A free to download and use tapestry needlework embroidery printing software on fabric or transfer paper to scale up to 6 inch size and mesh 14. Licence required for larger sizes.

For carpets matching paintings patterns or any paintings pattern please refer to,                    pd

Paint Draw use the same inhouse digitizing engine to produce identical painting to carpet.

For matching AutoCAD DXF vector file for interior or exterior designs or architectural CNC applications or any AutoDesk DXF application please refer to,                       dxf

DigitalXF use the same inhouse digitizing engine to produce DXF vector file identical to carpet or painting.


Do hand carpet weaving companies exist to weave my pattern?

Yes, international hand carpet weaving firms exist that can meet your order listed in Pat Portal page or in related business directories worldwide.

Are all colours available to weave a pattern?

Yes, quality yarns to most of colours are available through vendors where CMY dyes are available to dye any yarn to any exception colour.

Are weaving tools and materials available to weave a pattern?

Yes, looms and rugs weaving frames and tools and materials like yarn and canvas and fabrics are all available for professional weavers and hobbyists.

Does pattern upsize meet Carpet Pat quality levels?

Yes, upsizing a pattern is processed where quality is same to original pattern.

Can a pattern be used other than carpet weaving?

Yes, a pattern can be used for quality embroidery on canvas or fabric or loom tapestry and rugs weaving on canvas.

Does Carpet Pat manage and control the digitizing process?

Yes, Carpet Pat does manage and have complete control of the digitizing process to meet any client proceedings or weaver preferences for easy weave. 

Do I need a printed canvas to weave a pattern?

No, the patterns are made in list form are more than enough and particularly made to make printing on canvas not essential. However, to print as weaving guideline on canvas or fabric is possible using Atlas free to download software.

Is there any RGB to Acrylic Paint calculators or convertors on the internet to blend any colour for my painting?

Yes, you can blend your pigments using calculators and convertors on the Web like 'Paint Maker' by Sensuallogic, link or 'Real Paint Mixing Tools' for mobile devices by AI4res, link or 'Virtual Paint Mixer (MXR)' by Golden Artist Colors, link for wool, cotton, silk and acrylic yarns.

What is so special about Real Paint app from AI4res?

Real Paint app from AI4res has its own retail rated built in colour system which means it can be directly hassle free professionally used to mix paints to their RGB values introduced which includes Carpet Pat patterns.

How can I dye white bleached yarn to a different colour for small batches?

Depending on yarn type many articles on the internet show how to dye yarn selected to quality levels that keep colours gradients important that include using microwave or deep hot soaking. However, it is best to consult your yarn vendor about how to dye yarn since may include particular instructions towards using fabric and textile mediums and correct ratio of paint to water and whether adding acids required and method of fixing afterwards. It is best practice to try method selected for yarn dyeing for results if satisfactory for that method before anything else.

Is it viable to dye yarn?

Yes since you can select amount of yarn weight used accurately. For paints you can select precise amount of paint to be blended and used with yarn using any milligram sensitive digital weighing scales available. Since scales recalibrate at each zero reading ‘Subtraction Method’ need to be used on adjusting paint weight where paint container weight need to be taken empty first then subtracted from each measurement where paint in container adjusted off scale for accuracy.