Paint Draw NZ

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These DIY Painting By Number patterns are free to download to assess any pattern for purchase in advance before purchase is placed. They also can be used commercially or for personal use free of charge. Montage tutorials are available free to download from Links page on how to use or alter these patterns or add text or logos. Also using the pattern tutorial is available free to download from Links page. Free Pattern file can be downloaded by click on image, or mouse right click on an image to select "Save link as..." option on Google Chrome or “Save target as...” on Microsoft Explorer.


To make use of Free Patterns download a free pattern and print on artistic satin canvas ‘Border Dot.bmp’ file which is the pattern to scale 11 pixels of pattern file to 1mm of canvas at your local stationery shop. Use ‘Real Paint’ app from AI4res to easy mix oil colours. For weighing scale use either quality high accuracy scale or ordinary 10g 0.001g accuracy scale using subtraction method, refer to ‘tips.pdf’ file at ‘Tutorials’ page and other files available for details. For swift painting use ‘Art View’ freeware application available to download at ‘Links’ page. For more patterns you can refer to ‘Patterns’ page to pick a pattern or email a photo for ‘ON Demand’ pattern using Contact Form at ‘Contact’ page.