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Using Paint Draw Photo Digitizer.pdf

A guide of how to use a pattern for painting. It is also for how to montage a pattern using Windows Paint. Montage include making changes to pattern pixels. The guide applies for all patterns including free.

Using Art View For Patterns Paint.pdf

A guide of how to use free to download and use Art View painting utility software. Art View allow easy and fast painting for Paint Draw patterns by providing dye blending, tracing, viewing and printing to scale services. The guide applies for all patterns including free.


A free to download and use painting utility tool software for patterns dye blending and pattern tracing and viewing and printing on canvas and fabric also on paper and vinyl and clear plastic and glass to scale.

Flyer Brochure.pdf

A comprehensive brochure flyer that introduce what is all about realism patterns from Paint Draw and how to turn your photo pattern to a real portrait in few easy steps.


Tips file include important notes about how to turn you photo pattern from Paint Draw to a portrait and which tools to select to turn your pattern to a painting in few days first time.

For paintings matching hand woven carpets patterns or any hand woven carpets pattern please refer to,                              cp

Carpet Pat use the same inhouse digitizing engine to produce identical carpet to painting.

For matching AutoCAD DXF vector file for interior or exterior designs or architectural CNC applications or any AutoDesk DXF application please refer to,                                dxf

DigitalXF use the same inhouse digitizing engine to produce DXF vector file identical to carpet or painting.


Are all colours available to paint a pattern?

Yes, quality CMY dyes are available to dye to any colour.

Are painting tools and materials available to paint a pattern?

Yes, stands and frames and tools and materials like dyes and canvas and fabrics are all available for professional painters and hobbyists.

Does pattern upsize meet Paint Draw quality levels?

Yes, upsizing a pattern is processed where quality is same to original pattern.

Does Paint Draw manage and control the digitizing process?

Yes, Paint Draw does manage and have complete control of the digitizing process to meet any client proceedings or painter preferences for easy painting. 

Do I need a printed canvas to paint a pattern?

Yes, to print on canvas is essential using large format printers available at your local stationary shop . However, at certain situations like painting using water colours then the pattern can be also projected on canvas using photo projectors.

Is Paint Draw my choice for photo digitizing to painting file?

Yes, quality need to meet practicality of how the image is useful for photo realistic painting where Paint Draw provide both.

Is Art View my painting companion for Paint Draw patterns?

Yes, a must to have utility software that allow tracing and detailing functions for swift fast easy painting and dye blending, viewing and print.

Is there any RGB to Oil Paint calculators or convertors on the internet to blend any colour for my painting?

Yes, you can blend your pigments using calculators and convertors on the Web like 'Paint Maker' by Sensuallogic, link or 'Real Paint Mixing Tools' for mobile devices by AI4res, link or 'Virtual Paint Mixer (MXR)' by Golden Artist Colors, link .

What is so special about Real Paint app from AI4res?

Real Paint app from AI4res has its own retail rated built in colour system which means it can be directly hassle free professionally used to mix paints to their RGB values introduced which includes Paint Draw patterns.